Monday, November 24, 2008

Seen & Not

What an ordained "season!"
Is that all that Thanksgiving is to you?
I find reasons and causes each day to be thankful. It is impossible to contain it to a 'seasonal' thing!

Thanksgiving in the sunlight,
and thankful for so much.
Everywhere the vision goes,
so evident, His touch!
The darker of the spectrum...
the brightest of the gold...
all beneath the shades of blue
infinity to hold!

Thanksgiving where do celebrate
the living of the land.
He breathes upon the forest and
He combs it with His hand...
He colors branches one-by-one,
though oh so very brief--
to orchestrate the season, there
be not another chief!

Thanksgiving, and so thankful for
the beauty, seen and not.
A song of gratitude, but all
of living's surely got!
Let everything that has a pulse
sing out "HE IS ALIVE!"
On wings of grateful praises, He
is always to arrive!

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