Wednesday, November 5, 2008


How can I continue to boast, brag and revel in the creativity of God when my brother cannot even see it? Should I feel so guilty that I let the quill of my vision run dry, or shall I continue to hone this gift in such a way that even those without sight can ‘see’ what they hear from this page?

Morning unmistakable—
so beautiful, so new!
Fauna and the flora being
nourished by the dew…
God Himself to whisper softly
to the many trees:
leaves to shiver at His breathing,
cloaked as ‘gentle breeze.’

Morning unmistakable—
life, and so abundant!
With the Maker of the morning
nothing is redundant!
Everything is made afresh
when He is recognized;
for only in His fulness is
completeness realized!

Morning unmistakable;
God—the very same!
Everything about creation
glorifies His name!
Behold the evidences of him,
even as you rise—
evidence abounding in
the earth and in the skies!

Make a point to notice Him—it will affect your entire day…even if you only ‘see’ it amongst these lines or ‘hear’ it in these verses!

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