Saturday, November 8, 2008

Labor or Laughter?

For every leaf that I touch with the broom,
seven more the landscape would exhume!
Every time the floor I clearly see,
the breezes come along and laugh at me!

The rituals of autumn,
sentinels aflame;
to many it is labor,
to others, it’s a game!
I must observe the latter
lest labors all increase;
I must observe the whimsical
so I can savor peace!

What a blessing it is to recognize the signs of the season. Each of them, however, come with responsibility.
Something very painful happened here years ago. The man that we bought our property from became ill. In turn, he and his wife sold their property next door. It had six large, beautiful trees on it. One of the first things that the new owner did was take a backhoe and knock those lovely trees down! When I asked him why, his only response was “I hate raking leaves!”
God help us!

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