Thursday, November 6, 2008

It is known

I promise you that a lot of folks echoed this poem the other night. It was election night here in the United States.
Regardless who is voted into office, there WILL BE a good number of people disappointed.
The key to overcome this is to realize that God is THE ONE that appoints leaders and puts them into place, according to His Word. Further, we are COMMANDED by that same Word to pray for those in office, even if we do not agree with them.
This poem was written three months ago, and I find myself coming across it today to put into file. Coincidence? NEVER!!

Again, the end of day;
success—all HIS way!
What I declare the same,
to Him might be a shame!
The day and each event
appear now Heaven-sent!
According to most sight,
the enemy took delight.
But greater are God’s ways,
and He receives all praise
now, as I reflect,
and when things intersect.
Things inside the day
are constant on The Way,
and He retains control—
the Savior of my soul!

The end of day is here,
and Jesus yet is near.
The Truth, the Life, the Way—
forever will He stay!

Life goes on. And if you are one of those desiring to live according to His will, though life may shake you, nothing will bring you down.


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