Saturday, November 29, 2008


Blessings on you.
So much to be thankful for. Even when it seems like we are giving thanks for "the same old things...," God feels otherwise. He desires to hear from you. He loves to listen to you!
If you were God, would you not rather hear your people thanking you for the things they have, or constantly hear them ask for what they don't have?
It is similar to that lady I knew at the first church I went to. She was ashamed of her testimony because it did not involve anything "dramatic!" She was embarrased because all she could say is that she had been saved for as long as she remembered.
WHAT A TESTIMONY! I would certainly be thankful for such a testimony! It would have spared me much painful memories!
Whatever you have in this life, (or do not have!) one thing each of us have are reasons to be grateful. And Father God is desiring greatly to hear You thank Him for all that you have!

Grateful and over and over...
thankful again and again!
Not just a day or a season,
not just a meal now and then...
But gratitude is a decision,
gratitude, it is a 'thing;'
gratitude must be directed
to God--THE Creator and King!
Jesus, mine only Provider,
sufficing, whatever betide.
He is without my supplying,
He is provision inside!
The scope of his infinite giving,
it is eternity-wide!
Jesus, eternally living,
Jesus, the once-crucified!

Grateful and over and over...
Jesus and ever and ever:
He is my Lord and my Savior
nothing and no one to sever!

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