Saturday, November 1, 2008

All the Day...

The busyness of life.
What about yours? Do you have time?
Is your day so busy that you cannot but converse with God? Yes, it is wonderful to set aside that awesome time to be alone with Him, but there is more! God is right there beside you in everything you do! All you have to do is acknowledge Him!
He provided that work that You are doing. He has created those people that you are doing business with. He made that sight that you are looking at by hand! Yes, even that mountain that you must climb was placed there by Him.
Talk to Him.
Invite Him to ascend that mountain with you.
Ask him to help you communicate with those people.
Give Him every part of your day. Your BUSY day...

All of everything for Him
Who died once and for all!
The Same, He gives His everything
to any who would call.
He is worth all time, all money
everyone possesses
because He comes into the heart,
restores and wholly blesses!

All of everything for Father,
Son and Holy Spirit!
The generation of the heart,
oh, He deserves to hear it!
Honors He the yearning and
the produce of the same;
honor Him returning
accolades unto His Name!

All of everything for Jesus--
Bishop of the Soul!
He alone is capable
of ransoming in whole!
Doing all that man could not,
He is the Only Way!
Time diminished as approaches,
oh, that Happy Day!

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