Friday, October 24, 2008

The Purpose of Life

Do you know what it is?
Do you know what it is for your life?
God does have a perfect plan and purpose for EVERY life!
I assure you, HIS plan is quite a bit more than "...just getting by."

"Because of You I do more than 'survive;'
Because of You, I prosper and I thrive!
Blessed and highly favored I've become
Calvary and crimson due the sum!

Why have You placed me so high above?
Why does this man know so great a love?!

There is nothing lovely in this man.
It has to be the Purpose of Your Plan!

Because of You I am alive and live.
With abandon You so freely give.
Nothing could be greater than Your love!
A higher Plan and Purpose I am of."

When you come that that humble place, He will give you everything I have spoken of, as well. Let Him. Trust Him. He can do more with your life than you can, and you will obtain wealth untold along The Way.

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