Friday, October 31, 2008


Where are you? Can you see? What are you looking at? What are you looking for?
I speak with so many people with different vision.
I have a bad habit(?) of noticing good in just about everything I look at.
Most of the folks around here are currently looking at the remnants of the season that need "cleaning up." This was put into perspective for me several years back when the neighbor next to me was walking through the quilt that autumn had spread across his property. I made a remark about the task ahead of him.
"Leave 'em alone. I'm going to enjoy the leaves as long as I can."
That comment spoke volumes to me then about the simplicity of life. It still does. It doesn't matter what 'opinion' is about a lot of things. What does matter is your perspective about it.
Do you see a yard that needs to be raked and disposed of, or do you see proof of the perfect order that He set long before we were here?

Through the failing branches
boundless is the blue;
is anybody able
to number every hue?
Assigning each a color--
too daunting for the pen!
Too wonderful to be contained
by languages of men!
To only be discussed with the
Creator of the same.
God Most High--for He assigns
to each of them a name.
And, quicker than the poet man
can capture them in verse,
more subtleties arrive--the pen
to once again rehearse!

Through the waning branches,
(and thinner with each breath,)
life, so very evident,
in what most see as "death."
Perspective--it is everything
when seeing without sight;
o, the glory of the season
just beyond its height!


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