Monday, October 27, 2008

Hurry up?

October in full color,
behold, behold the sight
so very living and alive--
let everyone delight!
O be there no discussion,
discouragement be gone!
The autograph of God Himself,
each sight, to rest upon.

October in full color,
abduct the seeking heart!
Captivate the willing with
your evidence, your art!
Sunlight to accentuate
variety so vast;
into your embrace, emotions
easily are cast!

October in full color,
brief your glory stay;
easily recalled when present
subtler of day;
His artistry embracing
and warming with each thought...
oh, the many blessings the
beholder, he has got!

Behold the season! TAKE TIME to see it!
You have reason not to?
Make sure your 'reason' is not merely 'excuse!'

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