Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ah, the wonders of technology...
the blessings of 'civilization...'
The disciples knew it for their day, but what did Jesus do?
So very often, The Word points out that He separated Himself for a season:
He went into the wilderness...
He went up into the mountains...
He walked across the water to escape the crowds...
He even left His laptop and His cell phone behind!!
So many occasions are given to remind us to leave behind everything to be alone with God.
Can you?

In the roar of silence,
the tumult of the 'hush,'
there is a precious healing,
there is a greater rush!

Where there are no distractions,
He has my full attention,
and present there are benefits
too wonderful to mention!
The blessings of 'technology'
absent for a season;
forgotten on one's own volition
for a Greater reason;
the fewer the amenities
the focus be more keen,
until His holy Presence only
felt and heard and seen.

Escaping to that wonder
His direction under;
until I return,
more of His blessings learn.

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