Thursday, October 9, 2008

"The Glory of the Season"

Do you have it where you are?
I grew up in a place that had 1 month of winter, 2 months of Spring, and 7 months of summer, and 2 months of Autumn. Yes, there was color, but nothing like the colors here! No, I am NOT complaining. I am simply stating my amazement at the wonder of HIS creation here...

How quick, the flight of summer,
As autumn comes to call;
The changing of the guard would linger
Precious in the fall.
Not this year, however, it
Is all so cut and dried,
And, by the gentle norther sigh,
All is beautified!

The beauty of the season
In the wooded hills….
The wardrobe of the timber gently
Floating in the rills….
A symphony accompanies
The trickle of the same
To only add unto the glory
Of the yearly flame.

“Fly on, fly on, oh summer,
I’ll see you in awhile!
Thanks again for everything,
The memories to file.
I’ll savor, oh, the moments and
The seasons in between,
And see you after everything
Has donned, again, the green!”

If you can relate to these words, ENJOY IT! There are too many people who read this that have no idea what four seasons are like!

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