Tuesday, October 7, 2008


"God will provide!"
That is a proven truth. But how often do I trust in that solely?
I know that He will provide, and I see ways that He will do so.
But what if 'those ways' are invisible? What if 'those ways' fail? Am I then trusting God?
I have to trust God, because 'those ways' that other folks see God providing are often impossible for me.
His ways are not my ways. More often than not, 'His ways' with my brother are NOT His ways for me.

"Heavenly Father,
I know that You will meet all of my needs today. Please forgive me for trying to help, and for 'assuming' how You will do so.
I know that if I assume the way that bill is going to be paid, it puts You in a box. Your ways are so much greater than my ways. Therefore, I will say "not my will but Thine be done," so that I can see the wonder and the awe that is far beyond my 'assumption!'
Thank You for already meeting that need that I will find out about later today.
Thank You for holding firmly all those needs I already have.
Thank You for even knowing my life's desires, not just my needs.
Thank You for wanting to hear about those desires as we walk through the day.
O Father, You are so good to me!
Thank You for Jesus.
Thank You for saving my soul.
Thank You for healing my body.
Thank You for being so great that You can do all this for ANYONE that calls out to You!
Father, You are God and there is not another!
In JESUS' Name,

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