Monday, October 13, 2008


Disaster. What does it mean?
For another season of life, I live in a place where it happens.
But 'disaster' has different meanings to different people.
It's sort of like "tribulation." Do we understand that word in America?
Go to a country somewhere in the world where you can be murdered for your faith and tell them that the tribulation is coming.
While here in America we are preaching about the coming tribulation, other countries are living it!
But 'disaster.' No one is immune from it.
We had to drive down to Little Rock one day. The beautiful, peaceful 4-hr. drive contained scenes this time of anything but! As we drove through one of our usual rest breaks, a Scripture came to mind: "...there shall not be one stone left upon another..." Just days before, a tornado went through this town and several others on its destructive path!
In the aftermath, the human spirit was very evident...

In an after moment
where life has taken place,
so evident becomes the fact
"Abundant is the grace!"
Life has seen disaster,
but life continues on--
the beauty of resiliency,
it is not ever gone!
While hiding from the elements,
the hiding place escapes...
nature has a weapon which
it wields and mis-shapes!
Even though its force, it is
immune to hands of men,
the human spirit overtakes,
repairing where its been!

In an after moment,
so temporal the sight,
living soon again will show
much healing in the light!
"No good thing is taken unless
better is in store!"
Standing on this truth reveals
what is tomorrow for.

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