Monday, October 6, 2008


The limbs of the trees are anxious so early.
They murmur amongst themselves.
Their intercourse has a familiar sound and tone.
Silhouetted against the east, they appear to be nervous.
One by one, they begin to sway in anticipation of His arrival.
With the presence of His breath, they begin to clap their hands.
The glow of His arrival turns the eastern sky
Father is here!
Let the day begin!
When did the day end?
Did life 'end' with the arrival of 'today?'
But what if it is one continuous 'time' that keeps getting better and better until THAT day?
So, when He inspires us forward with a promise of THAT Day ahead, are we not merely going to be translated to another place to but continue THIS day?
THAT day ahead is so wonderful and so ______ that my pen is not even allowed to record it!
"I can do all things through Him Who strengthens me..."
All things? Then why is my pen so 'disabled' when it comes to capturing the glory--THE glory that is merely sampled in the east as I look out my window?
Disabled? Handicapped?
Yes...until His return shall break the fetters of all expression and we shall see Him as He is, no longer '...darkly, through a glass!'
The rays now extend all the way across the morning.
The arms of the trees are fully extended in the surrender of adoration!
"Even so, Lord Jesus, come..."

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