Saturday, October 11, 2008

"The Dead Alive"

Are you a part? Do you even understand?
Jesus told the crowds that unless we ate of His body and drank of His blood, we could have no part in Him.
That sounds harsh? That sounds cruel, disgusting?
O, but the blessings, beauty and benefits of the same...

Your Body, it is holy
and all that is within;
every member needing You
because of wretched sin!
There is not one exclusive
from a need for You.
Lord Jesus, see Your Body,
oh see each part anew!
Sin has overtaken,
o cursed be the same!
Its affects are rampant,
we cry out in Your Name.
Grace alone atoning,
Your bleeding to suffice;
why do we crucify again?
You've fully paid the price!
Your Body, oh so holy,
but only through the Same.
Due alone what You have done
is life alive to claim!
The Body and the Blood unto
the body, soul and spirit;
oh, every time partaking, may life
feel and see and hear it!

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