Saturday, October 4, 2008


The Holy Place . Have you been there? Do you go there?
It is a very intimate place. I often hear people say they want to keep God at a distance for whatever reasons.
I spoke recently of how, as a child, I was told that God knew everything about us, and that if we asked Him to forgive us for something, He would. My childish reasoning found the secret: He knew about it because I confessed it! Therefore, if I did something wrong, I would talk to Him like nothing ever happened. No, it didn’t last long and, yes, I was miserable!
God is so intimate. However, He will only be as intimate with you as you will allow. Let go!

In the chamber once again
where is not another;
present in the Holy Place
with my Friend and Brother;
doing what is heavenly,
hearing life alive,
seeing Him Who causes me
to certainly arrive!

The chamber of my Father,
reserved for all of men;
He calls me into His Presence
knowing where I’ve been!
He dances with me as I sing,
embracing me so oft…
His touch, His voice, His living breath,
they take this man aloft!

The chamber, it is refuge,
conviction there resides;
there be no moment for ‘facade,’
no thing impure resides!
I am naked in the chamber,
there be not another way;
He sees, He knows, He feels all things
about me anyway.

Blessed be the chamber,
so very real and not.
Closer to my Father God—
there be no other spot!


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