Sunday, October 12, 2008

By Grace...

One more time, You prove that You
are present in the gap.
When we are not inside Your palm,
we’re sitting on Your lap!!
Though life would constantly encroach
it will not overtake;
for You are mine and I’m aware
of every move You make!

“Try Me, I will satisfy;
trust Me, I protect;
Depend upon Me, seek My will
to always intersect!
There, behold the moving of
My Being in Your midst;
learn My attributes, for they
will constantly exist!
You are My righteousness, no matter
how you feel inside!
No matter what man thinks, in you
I have abundant pride!
I want to be there, present in
your each and every time,
assuring you, but always, that
next elevation find!"

Once more, Your Presence reaffirmed
no matter landscape be;
a royal purpose to exist
no matter what men see;
far greater are Your purposes
than any of this place;
the same to only come to proof
in life that’s lived by grace!


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