Friday, September 26, 2008

While the fog moves...

In the early hours He arrives?
At which point, however, did He leave?
With Him, man does more than "just survive;"
with victory, though, does that man "achieve!"
His subtle and spectacular arrival...
but when He left, I never can recall!
Yet again, to stump the groping poet
with the greatest poetry of all!

"Since You are with me always and forever,
why, then, do I so oft invite You "Come"?
The simplest You cause to hold such wonder,
therefore, with pride. do I proclaim "I'm dumb!!"?
The most complex do You reveal unto me,
Who am I that You would gift me so?
I am only what You Are within me--
Your everyness, therefore, within me, show!"

In the early hours,
and all throughout the day,
the Persons of His Presence
are in my life to stay!


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