Thursday, September 4, 2008


Walking slow behind two men
on a crowded street;
noticing how they react
to things that they both meet.
Two very different attitudes
reacting different ways;
two very real examples of
the people of these days.

They walk across the street and then
they pass the local bar.
One shakes his head, disgusted, as
he cares not who they are.
He walks a little faster now,
so as to not be seen;
he counts his blessings that he made it
safely through "that scene."
The other slows His pace a bit
as He goes by that place,
concern so very clearly etched
in muscles in His face.
Compassion wells inside Him as,
unto them, He does call;
and, as they ignore His plea,
a tear begins to fall.

Safely now inside his car,
the first man heads for home.
Through that "other part of town"
he briefly has to roam.
He looks at "those girls" in disgust
as he sits in his car,
grateful in his human heart
he knows not who they are!
The other Man, still shaken by
what happened at the bar,
can barely go a block or more
before He stops His car.
As He looks at those very girls
His heart, again, is wrenched.
The tears of His compassion, they
no longer may be quenched.
The first man offered them a hand,
one finger at a time!
The second gives them His whole life
so they can, upward, climb.

And now, the first man is at home,
so safe, he looks the door!
He looks upon his wife and says
"I wish it were no more!"
"Soon, we will retire and,
this world, we will not touch!"
"We will move far from this old world
that bothers us so much!"
The second goes unto His house,
He never shuts the door.
He goes unto His Father's throne
and pleads
"Just one day more!"
There are so many others down there
I would like to touch.
So many of them dying lost,
they need Us oh so much!"

Will you see with your eyes or with His heart?

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