Monday, September 29, 2008


Life happens. us! And just as absurd...ridiculous...boring or exciting as that life may be, there are several things that are very planned and very dependable.
One of those wonderful things is

Peace that is ridiculous,
peace that is absurd...
so is the peace provided those
who stand upon His Word!
Peace amidst the 'everyday,'
peace amidst the 'rare,'
that sweet provision knows one 'base--'
God's abundant care!

Challenges abounding--
will the same 'excite?'
setbacks and surprises--
will I take 'delight?'
That 'peace that is ridiculous'
will last the path entire
to steer me and to stable me
as I transport the Fire!

Peace that is ridiculous
and more than even verse!
All along the Narrow Way
are places to immerse!
He plans the route of everyday
with restoration rife!
Oh, so blessed, the fortunate,
to live in Second-Life!*

Are you living that second-life? In John 3:3, Jesus reminds us that we cannot see it or enter into it without knowing Him as our Savior. He then goes on explaining to Nicodemus even more wonders of that life--only one aspect being that incredible Peace!

Invite Him into your heart, won't you?

*John 3:3


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