Monday, September 15, 2008


Who ministers to you?
Is there anyone in your life--a pastor, minister, priest, teacher--that you always look forward to hearing or being with because you know the Holy Spirit will be there?
Have you told them so?
I meet too many folk, church folk, with the attitude "The pastor knows I appreciate him because I put money in the offering." Have we not learned that there are far more important things than money?
Your tithes AND offerings are very important, but I am positive that your pastor would like to hear that you appreciate him, that you are praying for him, that you are grateful for him. Tell him!
You are putting in your tithe in obedience to God's command, you are putting in your offering as an act of worship. Neither of these should be based on your approval or appreciation of the Leader, not as compensation for his services, and surely not as compensation for a 'job well done.' Most of the pastors I know, and ALL of the pastors who have signed up for this ministry, appreciate an honest "Thank you for ministering to us." Of a truth, your wallet should say something about that, but the heart has even more to say!
When my first book was published, people from all over the world contacted Barnes & Noble with a comment or 'review' of it. I don't remember the amounts of the royalty checks, but i still have no trouble recalling the heart sounds of those who appreciated the book!
On occasion, someone from around the world will send a gift to this ministry. Again, I cannot recall the amount they sent, but I can recall the emotion of the card!
The Bible says "The laborer is worthy of his wages," but if all you get out of your labors is a paycheck, how rewarding is that? I am positive that each of us likes to hear "job well done" once in a while.
Who ministers to you?
Tell them.

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