Saturday, September 20, 2008


Good morning.
"GOOD morning!"
I pray that YOU can echo that this morning.
I pray, as well, that you have time to ponder such points as below, and are not so stressed or busy that you must miss the moment...

In the early hours He arrives?
At which point, however, did He leave?
With Him, man does more than "just survive;"
with victory, though, does that man "achieve!"
His subtle and spectacular arrival...
but when He left, I never can recall!
Yet again, to stump the groping poet
with the greatest poetry of all!

"Since You are with me always and forever,
why, then, do I so oft invite You "Come"?
The simplest You cause to hold such wonder,
therefore, with pride. do I proclaim "I'm dumb!!"?
The most complex do You reveal unto me,
Who am I that You would gift me so?
I am only what You Are within me--
Your everyness, therefore, within me, show!"

In the early hours,
and all throughout the day,
the Persons of His Presence
are in my life to stay!


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