Thursday, September 11, 2008


Again, to try to get a grip
upon reality,
with a prayer that such remains
a thing one cannot see?
Every name repeated--just
a word upon a page?
Yes, but that page be the heart
somewhere upon life's stage!
One more reality: "that heart
somewhere" is only one!
Each of us a brother, sister,
daughter or a son,
a mother or a father, such
includes the lives of all--
each and every one of us
affected by this fall.

Fallen by the hearts of few,
however, we yet rise!
Rising over hate and pain
that seeks to jeopardize;
rising with the knowledge that
the heart will conquer all,
extinguishes the smoldering,
defying hatred's call.

Reality far greater than
this world can ever know--
remaining yet within reach, though
there be a ways to go.

9/11. Always remember.

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