Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crying Out

"Awesome God,
Thank You for this soft bed I lay in right now. I know that there are too many people who only dream of such a nice place to sleep.
Father, as I lay my head down, my stomach is not growling, and I am not thinking of food. But I know, by name, some that are wondering if there will be anything to eat when they wake up in the morning.
O my God, I throw away so much. And much that I discard are things that people are praying for You to provide!
O my God, am I crying out to You in guilt, or am I genuinely concerned?
Am I crying out in guilt, or am I desiring You to multiply the loaves and fishes that I have?
You told me the poor would always be with me. Does that excuse me from doing all I can to help them?
Father, forgive me. Please make me more like You.
In JESUS’ Name,

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