Thursday, September 18, 2008


Oh my Father, YOU ARE!
Father, being a man of words, I am compelled to record you in ways that others can hear or read. I must refer to a book of words because You are far greater and more than the words I possess!! And even when something is composed, You become far greater than words can say!
If I were an artist like my wife, I could take a single strand of crocheted artwork and realize construction...ha, only to become a tangled mess because You have no beginning!!
If I were a doctor like my daughter, I could look into a microscope, into the ultimate combining basis of dust and behold Your composition...only to see my workings into obsolescence as You become newer every morning!
If I were a teacher like my son, I could have the ability to see and know what people can learn and when they are ready to learn it...then to have You instruct me in things that are known, not learned!
If I were a machinist like my dad, I could seek you and describe you to an exacting degree, but even then You would smile and break out of whatever I devise!
If I were a mechanic like my brother, I could know the very basis and simplicity of You and explain to others how to trace You...only to have You grin and redesign Yourself!
If I were a broker like my mother, I could recognize the signs of You and know Your next move and its affects...only to have You confound MY formulas!
O, but God, I am none of these! I am a man of words. I am a very limited man, because too often I find that there are no words to capture who, what or why You are!
And even if THAT be, I might as well surrender, because You cannot be captured or contained! The dictionary of the Holy Spirit is revised DAILY! I am undone! "Handicapped?" Yes!! In the most wonderful and incredible kind of way!!
I love You, My Father. Have an awesome day? But what is 'time' to You?

I'll write You later,

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