Thursday, August 14, 2008

"You're not going to believe this, but..."

I hate saying that, because every time I do, something else happens! (However, with each of those 'something else's,' God ALWAYS comes through in MIGHTY ways!)
We moved my daughter to the other side of the state yesterday.

Last evening, we dropped off the trailer at East Side, then took the truck back to Joe.
After a wonderful time of fellowship, we headed home. We got to the college and...
Immediately, conversation turns into prayer!
"Ma'am is there a reason you're doing 51 in this 40 zone?"
Vicki explains the size difference in the truck we are in and the BIG TRUCK with trailer she had been driving all day.
"License, registration and insurance, please."
While sitting in the back, (PRAYING ALL THE WHILE!) I see his name. It rings a bell...but which bell?!
"Wait here while I check this out. I'll be right back."
After some time, he comes back with his pad. ("Aww, come on, God!!")
"Here you go, Ma'am. I'm not citing you, just slow it down a bit going through here, and be careful."
Then, Vicki did one of her dad's specialties, she smarted off to the cop!!
"Thanks! I guess you're not a jerk like my manager said you were!"
I look up at him.
DING, DONG!! That bell! I worked with him in the last century!!
"STEVE?!"* said I.

He starts laughing! (Praise the Lord!!) As I get out of the car and hug him, he says "Wait here, Jim." He goes and turns off the SEARCHLIGHT shining in my eyes.
"How have you been, Steve?"
"Hold on, Jim. I gotta hear what your daughter said."
"Now, what's this about those McD managers saying I'm a real jerk?"
She stuttered her way out of it, (and he ended up in laughter, praise God!) and THEN we made it home!

(*Pseudonym, because of the cops that are on my mailing list!)

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