Friday, August 1, 2008


For some, there is one relationship so deep that the known tongue cannot reach it! Some embrace it with all their being; some run from it out of fear, still others are vehemently opposed to it and consider it a tool of the enemy!
My Father gave it to me. My Father only gives good and perfect things to me. What about you?

O Holy Spirit, pray for me,
You are of more effect!
I do my best to voice my heart,
The same, though, You perfect!
You know what I want to say
When, sometimes, I do not.
A perfect understanding with
My Father, thus, I’ve got!

O Holy Spirit, blessed be
The words You give to me!
Greater, far, than understanding
Speech could ever be!
Communication on a level
Few would dare attain!
Conversation never one-way,
Life to always gain!

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