Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stir up the Gift!

I often hear people say to me that they wish they could write like I do.
Have you heard those same people SING?!

Some have remarked about how they would like to reach as many others as I do with these words.

The same are able to jump in the car when the phone rings and go where God wants them to be!

Others often tell me that they also write poetry, but it is nowhere near as good as _________, and they would dare not show it to anyone! It’s not a contest!! If the Holy Spirit is leading you to write, to sing, to reach, to _______, do so with all of your heart, and He will do the rest! It’s not a popularity contest! It is not a comparison! It is God doing His work through each of us! Are you going to tell God “Thank You for these words, Father. But they are not as good as the ones You give Jim, so I’ll just keep them to myself.”?

It is not you! It is God using the Holy Spirit through you to do HIS accomplishments to reach others for Jesus!

There is a gift or gifts in every one of us. We are commanded by His Word to “…stir up the gifts within…*” even if we feel those gifts are inferior! Those feelings can deceive you, don’t trust them!

Listen to Him.

*2 Timothy 1:6

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