Sunday, August 24, 2008

Purposed Life

You elevate me so!
No limit I may know.
When I am in Your Presence,
I see my value grow!

You hold me in embrace.
I sample perfect grace!

When I am in Your arms
no thing I cannot face!

You carry me along.
Your each word is a song!
When I am aloft with You
but nothing can go wrong!

You reinforce my life.
Your glance is like a knife.
You see me through each opening
and nothing comes to strife!

And all of this is done because You love me.
O help me understand it if I can!
The total of the favor You have for me—
it cannot be obtained by any man!
I love You and I know that You are for me.
Success You’ve purposed for mine every breath!
I embrace You back, my Lord and Savior,
the Truth, the Life, the Way above all death!


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