Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Pain is Real

I pray that your view of the day today and the outcome of it are not based on material achievements, feelings or situations.
May each of us find that place where we are so grounded that we can review the day and realize that, no matter what happens, we remain secure in knowing we followed Jesus' lead.
We are instructed in the Word of God to "....see things that are not as if they are."
Such is an awesome step of faith, but we must not take it to the point of 'denial,' and avoid things that must be done! I did this years ago when I had a slight back pain. The following two years and two surgeries taught me much about wisdom and discernment!

The pain, it is so real,
its affects I feel.
Words come from everywhere,
they love me and they care....
The sickness, it is real,
its affects I feel.
Thoughts come from everywhere,
focus can be rare.

God, He is so real,
His affects I feel.
He is everywhere,
perfect is His care!
When no one else can see,
where no one else can be,
He hides me in embrace--
o, what perfect place!

More real, however, God.
My life does He applaud.
He knows my every ache--
much greater did He take!
Compassionate, though, He,
to stay right here with me
until the pain is gone,
the garments festive don!

However you feel, hang in there. It will not last forever. It hurts, it's scary, it's frustrating; again, He knows. He hurt before we did. He hurt more than we ever would!
Therefore, if you believe as I do that He loves us MORE than anything or anyone, accept that He is right there with you, embracing you through the pain, and offering you HIS yoke and HIS burden, which He affirms we CAN handle. Trust.


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