Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My Father God is so awesome!
He proved that again yesterday, and as I open my pad this morning, it falls open to a page written in April. I find it very appropriate for not only what happened yesterday, but for the awesome ways He provides for all of us...

"You know exactly what I NEED,
but You give me more than I require;
You know exactly what I WANT,
but You give me more than I desire!
I receive far more and better
than even I know how to ask!
Giving me of Your vast bounty--
You say it's not at all a task.
You own everything, my Father;
all is given at Your will.
More of YOU do I desire,
Father, all Your ways instill!
I know that all I need is settled,
crave I, though, but more of You!
I desire...I require...
only YOU will ever do!"

Let Him into your day. He already knows exactly what and where your day will be, why not acknowledge His participation and savor His abundance?

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