Friday, August 1, 2008


Is God actually "King" over everything in your life?
For the longest time, there were areas in my life that I was keeping from Him. (Yea, like I really could!) Those areas that I figured I could 'handle' on my own. Oh, I wasted so much time trying to do things on my own, until I found that HE could actually do them better than I could!
Have you been there?

You are King over the flood.
No matter how high the waters rise, You remain above them!
And since we are in You, we shall remain above, as well.
You ride atop the storm, oh God!
Knowing this, I can rest in the fact that You know all that the storm will do, and I do not have to stress over it.
You have proven that whatever the storm takes cannot compare with what You will replace it with!
Will I be patient enough to realize it?
Will anger overtake me?
Will fear overcome me?
Will impatience prevail?
Will I submit to panic?!
But I rather desire to cling to Your Kingship which is over and above all!
You are King over the flood and the affects of such!
Thank You, Your Majesty, that, regardless of the elements, I can
“…be still and know!”

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