Thursday, August 7, 2008


How often have I been rebuked for saying that? There is One, however, that will not rebuke me. He will respond.
So many are the truths of Scripture about the power of the Blood, the power of Jesus’ Name, the power of prayer.
I have discovered them to be MORE than just words! Have you?

In Pain that is intense,
am I allowed to wince?
The suffering is real,
and something I can feel!
But just as real to me:
the Christ of Calvary!
For there, He bore it all,
therefore, His Name I call!

"Jesus, only Jesus,
the Name above all names!
The power of the stripes You bore--
Your exclusive claims!
Provided once and ever,
with power even yet!
In none, not any other,
such ministry we get!

Jesus, only Jesus,
far greater and above!
You elevate me with You
in Your abundant love!
I know Your restoration
for all of life at all!
Your touch, embrace, and Your
reality, my wherewithal!

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