Sunday, August 17, 2008

For 21 years...

...we have prepared for this day,
I was completely unprepared for the emotions that are!
For 21 years, we have prayed about this day,
I forgot to pray about the pain I feel.
For 21 years, I have stood behind her proud and tall; look at me now. (Or see me as soon as I crawl out of the corner!)
21 years. 90% of that time spent celebrating. 100% of that time spent growing...ALL of us growing.
21 years. 21 years of watching God grow a girl, a lady, a woman, a CHRISTIAN.
21 years. No regrets. What a testimony!
The tears that are:
Regret? No way!
Fear? Not with Vicki!
Pain? Perhaps.
Excitement? Probably.
Pride? Absolutely!
Gratitude? Most of all!
Grateful to my Heavenly Father for the honor, privilege, pleasure, pain and everything else that the past 21+ years have been filled with!
Grateful to my wife for over 27 years of not just raising a man and a woman of God, but for raising her husband, as well!
Grateful to my wife, not just for who she is, but for all I become with her in my life!
It is well-known that I have a memory problem, but since Vicki went to that interview down there, the words of a poem that I wrote back on April 20, 1987 have been resounding through my heart without effort...

In absolute humility
I say 'Lord, Who am I,
that with the birth of life, itself,
on us You would rely?'
As praises rang throughout the room
to us did You bestow
a very precious infant girl
to raise as You would show.

Those tiny, little, perfect hands,
that lovely little face;
Dear God, if this is how You see us
through Your saving grace,
then now I sort of understand
everything You've done
to make sure we have everything
through Jesus Christ, Your Son!

And as we are accountable,
Lord Jesus, unto You,
help us to do our best, oh Lord,
to raise her unto You;
that, by the very lives we live,
in us, she would see You;
that, when it come to point of choice,
to You would she be true!"

"Vickilove, GO FOR IT!!"

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