Monday, August 4, 2008

COOL... last!!
Like so much of the nation, we are in the clutches of a HEAT WAVE here in the Ozarks!
Regardless of how hot it gets, God continues to know what we need and when. Do you know Him that well?
There are many ways to find comfort in this situation. Those ways are more readily-accessible to some than to others. One of the luxuries we savor in this area is air conditioning in the car. For some, it is a luxury. For others, it is a necessity! The air on our truck went out last summer. We thought nothing of it until this current heat wave struck last week.
As stated, God knows our needs even before we ask, and when we will need it. Pastor sent us an e-mail yesterday afternoon. He said that he had the tools and parts needed to fix the air on the truck if we wanted to bring it up to the church this morning. I replied that it did not have to be this morning, it could be at his convenience, preferably when it cools down. He replied that he would rather fix it and know that we were not driving around without air in THIS WEATHER.
Yes, God provides. God even provided a decently-cool morning for him to fix it! The only thing more pleasant was the COOOL drive back home!
God is so good! I spoke a few days back about Him not only taking care of necessities of our lives, but the desires of our hearts, as well. Today was just one more example of that!
Thank you, Pastor!
"Thank YOU, Lord!"

The longings that we own,
the same are not unknown.
The One Who knows us best
He knows our each request!
So generous is He
to bless as He would see.

He sees the need before it comes to be.
He knows what He'll provide for such as we!
Entrust to Him each facet of the heart,
knowing that the best will He impart!

All life to Him is known
because we are His Own.
Acknowledge Him always
as He directs your days!
The giving, loving God
deserves your every laud!


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