Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Blessed be Your Name!"

Those words ring out to Him!
Blessed be the events of the day? No.
Blessed be the amount of money in my bank account? Surely not!
Blessed be the relationships and the favor of them? Nope.
The Name of the Lord is blessed regardless of ANY situation!
And those who call upon that Name are blessed, regardless what they own, who they are or what they are going through!
Are you blessed?
Surely there are 'things' in life that are a blessing, but if 'things' are what determines if you are blessed or not, you missed it!

"I'm blessed, oh Lord, amongst all men,
far above them all!
Blessed, Lord, in that You, upon
my life, have placed Your Call.
Blessed in that I hear from You
whenever I seek Your face;
Blessed because of just one thing:
I am not blessed because this man
is worthy of it all.
If I thought that, this human world
would surely see me fall!
And I'm not blessed because of
pious rituals I've done;
for there is only One Way:
the One begotten Son!
I'm blessed, oh Lord, in this alone:
the blood of Calvary's Lamb.
I have claimed it in my life
so born again I am!
Far above all others only
in how I must live,
that, by my life, they may desire
what Your love can give!"

"Thank You, Lord Jesus, for causing us to be so blessed!"

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