Monday, July 21, 2008

Wants & Needs...

God knows.
God cares.
God provides.
In everything?
Often, I hear words like "You pray about that?! God's too busy and mighty to care about that!!"
I want to assure you, God is not only aware of everything that you need, He is very aware and concerned about the desires of your heart.
A wonderful example of that came this weekend. The was a car show in town.
T-Buckets from all over came to town for their annual show. (Please see http://http//

Along with all the cars came vendors with automotive products. One of the booths had t-shirts with various racing sponsors on them. One of the shirts in particular had a car on it that I also have a Hot Wheels model of! That caught my eye as I looked it over for a few seconds, and I moved on, not quite able to 'justify' purchasing it.
Later on, I met one of our local pastors and found out that he had also entered a car in the contest. After conversing for a few minutes, he said "Come with me." He said that he saw me in that booth earlier looking at THAT shirt, and God wanted him to bless me with it!
No, I didn't need a new shirt; yes, I could have paid for it myself, but it was just one more example of God showing that He not only wants to provide for the necessities of life, but He wants to bless us with the desires of our hearts, as well.
Do you know Him this way?
Thank you for the shirt, Pastor!
Thank You for the shirt, Father!

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