Friday, July 11, 2008

Too Much Good?

It is very important.
The Lord, Himself, even took time OFF to pray? Scripture tells us very clearly that Jesus went up on a mountain to be apart from the crowds for awhile. On another occasion, they even found Him fast asleep inside the boat DURING a violent storm!
If even God the Son took time to rest, how much more important is it even for us?
There is a world of need out there. One cannot be of service to that world unless properly fitted…nourished…and RESTED.

Time apart from labor,
the body to renew.
A point must be when one declares
"I've done all I can do."
And when that time is settled,
faithful is the Lord
to meet you in that place and see
that you become restored.
He knows for certain everything
that you have got to do.
"You can't do the impossible..."
this is settled true;
We must know we are limited
while knowing He is not;
while knowing, such an advocate
so constantly we've got!

Time apart from labor,
and even that for good.
He knows the heart, and He sees all
you would do if you could.
But take His rest and He will honor
all you would have done
by seeing it unto fruition
through His perfect Son!


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