Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday Night Sanctuary

Back to the future?
Eight musicians. All in their ‘70’s.
Each have a stringed instrument.
Two of the instruments I cannot identify.
Probably homemade.
A man that looks like an escapee from a nursing home sings a song about a “Lighthouse” that steels me!
You can surely hear the years in his voice. Nonetheless, the range of that voice causes me to weep.
I can count the musicians.
There is no way, however, to measure the affect of what they are doing!
The Sunday Night Sanctuary. The crowd is always smaller than other services, more intimate. Tonight is no exception.
After the 2nd song, Debby whispers how she cannot believe how pastor is sitting so still through it all! Sure enough, on the 3rd song, he asks if he can join them with his drums.
Sunday night in a country church.
Songs that I do not recognize, Truth that is very familiar!
8 musicians.
8 ministers.
One God in Three Persons.
No performances.
What an offering!


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