Thursday, July 24, 2008


Is the 'shoreline' always a 'coast?'

Oh, the rolling shoreline,
Resting almost never;
The churning and the crashing soothes
The very soul, however.
The constancy of ebb and floe—
But all of life is such:
Emotions are to rise and fall,
And every man to touch.

Which way on the shoreline,
Forward, on the sand?
Inland to the masses
So they will understand?
Walking out upon the water,
There, increasing trust?
“Not our wills but Yours be done…”
His will is not discussed!

You are on the shoreline,
No observers be.
Everyday to rise and fall,
Life’s spectrum there to see.
But life is not alone, the very
Maker of the tide
Avails Himself in each direction
AND so deep inside!

So stay upon the shoreline,
Keep moving, tall and proud!
Enjoy the sight, the sound, the scent
And all that is allowed;
Knowing that your every step
Is ordered and ordained,
Knowing that, as you press on,
Abundant life you've gained!

No, the shoreline isn’t always a place to coast. It is definitely, however, a place of growth! How often do you visit?


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