Thursday, July 3, 2008

Personal Testimonies

Never, NEVER take your personal testimony for granted!
I hear too many people say "Oh, I've never been through that. How can I be of any help in that situation?"
A personal testimony can be as dramatic as walking through your day with just a smile on your face!
I was working in a grocery store when I got saved. I remember about a week later, I was walking through the lobby of the market on the way to the drinking fountain. Just then, a lady walked into the store and fixed her eyes on me. As I got closer, she said "I see Jesus in your smile." You know how bad I am with words, my only response was "I sure hope so! He's the one that keeps it there!"
I remember the first Sunday School teacher I ever had. She and her husband were teaching the "young adults" class I was in. On one particular Sunday, we were going around the class sharing what God had delivered us from to make us His. When her turn came around, it was almost with shame and much hesitance that she said
"Well, I remember learning about Jesus when I was four and I have never backslidden or gotten into any major trouble, so I guess my testimony is not as exciting as most."
WHAT?! What greater testimony could be! Praise God! Yes, I have learned quite a bit from the crimes I have done, oh, but if I could go back and skip such 'experience' and be able to claim such a testimony as hers, I surely would!
Often since, I have watched students and adults alike listen in awe as criminals describe their conversion. Some almost have the "Wow! I bet that was fun!" demeanor. I assure you, it was not fun! God, in His infinite mercy, not only forgives me for the crimes of my past, He also helps me heal from them.
"Don't dwell on the past. There's no future in it!"
If you are that one that has lived your whole life as best you can for Him, GOD BLESS YOU! Celebrate it! Don't gloat about it, glory in it! You are fortunate! It means that you might have more experience or more years in service to Him, and can help someone like me that needs all the help I can get to be all that HE has purposed for me to be!

In HIS Service,

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