Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Place

"Nobody understands!"
"No one ever went through this!"
"Nobody knows how bad it hurts!"

Of a truth, every one of us can relate to this and make the very same statements. Such is life as long as we are associating with others.
But there is one place where each of us become equal. There is a place where everyone is understood. In that same place there is Someone Who knows exactly what each pain and abuse feels like. He avails Himself to each and all--that we might be one. And greatest of all, He avails Himself so that we might be one with Him!
Do you know where this place is? Once you find it, there is Peace that passes all understanding, an Ear that always listens and, greater, a Heart that fully relates.
Find Him. He is that Place that will change you forever!

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