Sunday, July 13, 2008


Too often, people set limitations on themselves that disqualify them, in their sight, from serving God in a capacity that they personally deem "effective."
There are others who say "I could never be as effective as _____, for look how mightily God uses them," and they do not even attempt!
Then there are those who have legitimate reasons for not being able to what other's do due to some type of 'limitation.' There was I for so many years. God made me realize, however, that no matter what shape I was in mentally or physically, He has a use for me! The same is true for you.
You may not have a world-wide ministry, but you do have a world that you can minister to! We may not be able to drive anymore, but we can walk next door or pick up the phone and bless our neighbor. Even if I am all alone here, I can reach around the world with this computer, telephone, or the mail system. Greater, I can go into God's Presence and be right there where He needs me to be...praying for them!

For there are limitations
but unto most unknown;
ones that are calculated and
determined from the throne;
certainly beyond the
arbitrations of mere man;
there are limitations--those
according to His plan.

But of "man's" limitations,
the same be mere 'excuse."
Heeding to the same makes us
of very little use.
But God reminds us always
"You are blessed, you are not cursed!"
He always sees the best we are,
where man may see the worst.
He looks at us through eyes of truth
and sees so much, much more.
Look back at Him through eyes of faith,
what living to restore!
Then look around with vision only
God alone can give--
for there lies that ability,
abundantly, to live!

Life beyond the limitations
each of us must face,
abounding with abilities
provided by His grace!
Life amidst that circumstance,
and yet above the same;
life abundant with thanksgiving
living for His Name!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you have been told, God still has a ministry for you! This world may call you 'disabled' or 'inadequate,' but God sees your abilities and wants to use them!
Won't you let Him?

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