Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let Him In

How many times do I set out to do something and say, in so many words,
"OK Father, here I go. I'll let You know how things went when I get back?"
Or how about, "I can handle this, Father. If it gets to be too much, I'll call out to You." He addressed with me earlier this morning as I absorbed the words of another writer. Later on, as We were together again, He told me

"I want to be more real than just
an answer to your prayer.
Those areas outside your closet--
I want to be there.
I already know your heart
as We meet in that place,
but I want to be that everywhere
in everything you face!
I want to go with you to work,
would I be welcome there?
I want to join you after work,
that's just how much I care!
I want to be there with you as
you settle to unwind;
a greater rest than you imagine
I can help you find!

I know that you expect Me when
You come before My throne,
but everywhere in your life, I
desire to be known!
You do not have a thing to hide,
you've everything to gain;
I'm there in your 'spectacular,'
let Me into the 'plain.'"

Can you handle such intimacy?
There are a lot of folks that either cannot or absolutely refuse to!
God DESIRES you!! Let Him in.

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