Sunday, July 20, 2008

"For the greater good..."

...of whom?
All of life is decisions. Most of the time a decision is made, it is based on the projected outcome. You can know a lot about someone by the prospects of their decisions.
"If this is done, who will benefit..."
The further said projection is from self, the greater and more effective the outcome.

How often is the 'self' defied
to so accomplish life?
To step beyond the 'self' involves
so often, marked strife!
But when the 'self' is by the way,
progress is immense!
Progress and success, of which
there's no need for defense.
The same, though, is "unnatural,"
it goes against the grain!
"Looking out for number one..."
this world's objective plain!
But when the self is relegated
to a lesser stance
the 'greater good,' is elevated
into center glance!

What's wrong with you? Is it so bad that it taints your vision of the beautiful world God has placed you in?
Is it so horrific that it drowns out the natural song of the heart: Adoration of God?
Does it affect your ability to see and do the good that is constant in your day?
Turn it over...
let it go...
Do whatever you must do to allow you to focus on the Good that God has for you!
It's worth it!

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