Friday, July 18, 2008


Wake up! Look around...

Before the very light
there is so much in sight...
before the light of day
so much is on display...
before scenes are occurred
so clear is every word
of God's own creation,
join ye the celebration!!

So holy is the morning as
it breaks upon the land!
Father God makes evident

the workings of His hand!
In the whisper of all life
His voice may be discerned,
in response unto the same
be perfect praise returned!

O worship The Creator while
beholding His creation!.
Respond ye to The Father as
He seeks each man's relation!
God Creator, God the Lover,
Lover of the soul,
in the miracle of morning
let Him make you whole!

HE IS ABLE! Allow God the Father to begin your each day for you. He will NEVER disappoint!

In HIS Service,

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