Monday, July 7, 2008


I received a prayer request the other day. I read the note that came with it, and included the following quote:

"He is Christian but needs the reassurance of Jesus to help him..."

As I read the letter, I realized that even I have problems with 'things' that attempt to ensnare me.

Please pray for my addiction....

"Once more, I don't understand.
I know the fullness of Your hand.
I know that You know all of me--
Why is the answer hard to see?
So many have a thing to say.
So many point me to "The Way."
But I am here upon the Narrow!
This wretched habit, oh, to harrow!!
"It's o.k., nobody knows..."
...and so the fabrication grows.
The counterfeit, this cursed facade!
But You know fully, o my God!

Once more, I do not understand.
But oh, so clear, His guiding hand!
I shall follow it alone
through the settled and unknown.
Forsaken, I know I won't be
far too much love You have for me
and Heaven, it shall be my gain,
no matter what becomes terrain!"


Lord, help us all with our addictions...whatever they might be.

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