Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"What's wrong with US?!"

"Honey, what's wrong with us?
Almost everyone we knew 25 years ago has been divorced now for many years, some of them many times.
What's wrong with us?

Honey, what's wrong with you?
I can't hold a steady job. What's your problem?!
I work for not more than minimum wage, but you stay here with me?
My body doesn't work anymore. What are you doing here?
You know where the door is.

You can do better than this!
You and I made so many dreams over 25 years ago. Many of those dreams are impossible physically, but you continue to adjust your expectations accordingly. Thank you.

Thank you, not just for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you!

Honey, what's wrong with me?! I married you over 25 years ago and I still don't regret it! What a fool!!
You certainly don't look the same!
You can no longer do as much as you used to, but I still love you...even more!
Pray for me!!
Pray for you!
Pray for us!"


Monday, July 28, 2008

Living By Faith

Oh, how we cherish our 'certainties!'
How satisfied we are once we find that 'comfort zone.'
In all actuality, 'comfortable' is one of the most dangerous and detrimental places to be!
Personally, it lessons my total dependency on Him, and sometimes even 'cheapens' His grace.
What about you?

Living by faith in times of distress
Knowing “thus saith” will cause Him to bless;
Hearing Him surely when there is no sound!
Once I was lost, but now I am found!

Living by faith—what uncertainty blest!
I know He provides, He handles the rest!
Worldly income—it will come, it will go,
Ah, but there are provisions I certainly know!

Living by faith—there is not any greater!
Rewards in this life come from God, my Creator!
That which is coming I must keep on giving
For to assure an abundance of living!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday Night Sanctuary

Back to the future?
Eight musicians. All in their ‘70’s.
Each have a stringed instrument.
Two of the instruments I cannot identify.
Probably homemade.
A man that looks like an escapee from a nursing home sings a song about a “Lighthouse” that steels me!
You can surely hear the years in his voice. Nonetheless, the range of that voice causes me to weep.
I can count the musicians.
There is no way, however, to measure the affect of what they are doing!
The Sunday Night Sanctuary. The crowd is always smaller than other services, more intimate. Tonight is no exception.
After the 2nd song, Debby whispers how she cannot believe how pastor is sitting so still through it all! Sure enough, on the 3rd song, he asks if he can join them with his drums.
Sunday night in a country church.
Songs that I do not recognize, Truth that is very familiar!
8 musicians.
8 ministers.
One God in Three Persons.
No performances.
What an offering!


One Place

"Nobody understands!"
"No one ever went through this!"
"Nobody knows how bad it hurts!"

Of a truth, every one of us can relate to this and make the very same statements. Such is life as long as we are associating with others.
But there is one place where each of us become equal. There is a place where everyone is understood. In that same place there is Someone Who knows exactly what each pain and abuse feels like. He avails Himself to each and all--that we might be one. And greatest of all, He avails Himself so that we might be one with Him!
Do you know where this place is? Once you find it, there is Peace that passes all understanding, an Ear that always listens and, greater, a Heart that fully relates.
Find Him. He is that Place that will change you forever!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Because somebody prayed
Heaven’s course was swayed…
Victory was made
Because somebody prayed!

Because someone believed
A miracle was received,
Victory was achieved
Because someone believed!

Because someone persisted
The enemy was resisted;
Good things, instead, consisted
Because someone resisted!

Because somebody cares,
Constant are the prayers!
And Heaven is aware
Because somebody cares!

No matter who you are, someone
cares about you! And if you insist
that no one cares to pray for you,
you are wrong! Jesus, through the
Holy Spirit, prays to God for you constantly!

I don’t quite understand that!
I do understand that it is true!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Is the 'shoreline' always a 'coast?'

Oh, the rolling shoreline,
Resting almost never;
The churning and the crashing soothes
The very soul, however.
The constancy of ebb and floe—
But all of life is such:
Emotions are to rise and fall,
And every man to touch.

Which way on the shoreline,
Forward, on the sand?
Inland to the masses
So they will understand?
Walking out upon the water,
There, increasing trust?
“Not our wills but Yours be done…”
His will is not discussed!

You are on the shoreline,
No observers be.
Everyday to rise and fall,
Life’s spectrum there to see.
But life is not alone, the very
Maker of the tide
Avails Himself in each direction
AND so deep inside!

So stay upon the shoreline,
Keep moving, tall and proud!
Enjoy the sight, the sound, the scent
And all that is allowed;
Knowing that your every step
Is ordered and ordained,
Knowing that, as you press on,
Abundant life you've gained!

No, the shoreline isn’t always a place to coast. It is definitely, however, a place of growth! How often do you visit?


Monday, July 21, 2008

Wants & Needs...

God knows.
God cares.
God provides.
In everything?
Often, I hear words like "You pray about that?! God's too busy and mighty to care about that!!"
I want to assure you, God is not only aware of everything that you need, He is very aware and concerned about the desires of your heart.
A wonderful example of that came this weekend. The was a car show in town.
T-Buckets from all over came to town for their annual show. (Please see http://http//www.baxterbulletin.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Avis=D3&Dato=20080719&Kategori=PHOTOGALLERIES&Lopenr=807190801&Ref=PH

Along with all the cars came vendors with automotive products. One of the booths had t-shirts with various racing sponsors on them. One of the shirts in particular had a car on it that I also have a Hot Wheels model of! That caught my eye as I looked it over for a few seconds, and I moved on, not quite able to 'justify' purchasing it.
Later on, I met one of our local pastors and found out that he had also entered a car in the contest. After conversing for a few minutes, he said "Come with me." He said that he saw me in that booth earlier looking at THAT shirt, and God wanted him to bless me with it!
No, I didn't need a new shirt; yes, I could have paid for it myself, but it was just one more example of God showing that He not only wants to provide for the necessities of life, but He wants to bless us with the desires of our hearts, as well.
Do you know Him this way?
Thank you for the shirt, Pastor!
Thank You for the shirt, Father!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"For the greater good..."

...of whom?
All of life is decisions. Most of the time a decision is made, it is based on the projected outcome. You can know a lot about someone by the prospects of their decisions.
"If this is done, who will benefit..."
The further said projection is from self, the greater and more effective the outcome.

How often is the 'self' defied
to so accomplish life?
To step beyond the 'self' involves
so often, marked strife!
But when the 'self' is by the way,
progress is immense!
Progress and success, of which
there's no need for defense.
The same, though, is "unnatural,"
it goes against the grain!
"Looking out for number one..."
this world's objective plain!
But when the self is relegated
to a lesser stance
the 'greater good,' is elevated
into center glance!

What's wrong with you? Is it so bad that it taints your vision of the beautiful world God has placed you in?
Is it so horrific that it drowns out the natural song of the heart: Adoration of God?
Does it affect your ability to see and do the good that is constant in your day?
Turn it over...
let it go...
Do whatever you must do to allow you to focus on the Good that God has for you!
It's worth it!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Wake up! Look around...

Before the very light
there is so much in sight...
before the light of day
so much is on display...
before scenes are occurred
so clear is every word
of God's own creation,
join ye the celebration!!

So holy is the morning as
it breaks upon the land!
Father God makes evident

the workings of His hand!
In the whisper of all life
His voice may be discerned,
in response unto the same
be perfect praise returned!

O worship The Creator while
beholding His creation!.
Respond ye to The Father as
He seeks each man's relation!
God Creator, God the Lover,
Lover of the soul,
in the miracle of morning
let Him make you whole!

HE IS ABLE! Allow God the Father to begin your each day for you. He will NEVER disappoint!

In HIS Service,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let Him In

How many times do I set out to do something and say, in so many words,
"OK Father, here I go. I'll let You know how things went when I get back?"
Or how about, "I can handle this, Father. If it gets to be too much, I'll call out to You." He addressed with me earlier this morning as I absorbed the words of another writer. Later on, as We were together again, He told me

"I want to be more real than just
an answer to your prayer.
Those areas outside your closet--
I want to be there.
I already know your heart
as We meet in that place,
but I want to be that everywhere
in everything you face!
I want to go with you to work,
would I be welcome there?
I want to join you after work,
that's just how much I care!
I want to be there with you as
you settle to unwind;
a greater rest than you imagine
I can help you find!

I know that you expect Me when
You come before My throne,
but everywhere in your life, I
desire to be known!
You do not have a thing to hide,
you've everything to gain;
I'm there in your 'spectacular,'
let Me into the 'plain.'"

Can you handle such intimacy?
There are a lot of folks that either cannot or absolutely refuse to!
God DESIRES you!! Let Him in.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Too often, people set limitations on themselves that disqualify them, in their sight, from serving God in a capacity that they personally deem "effective."
There are others who say "I could never be as effective as _____, for look how mightily God uses them," and they do not even attempt!
Then there are those who have legitimate reasons for not being able to what other's do due to some type of 'limitation.' There was I for so many years. God made me realize, however, that no matter what shape I was in mentally or physically, He has a use for me! The same is true for you.
You may not have a world-wide ministry, but you do have a world that you can minister to! We may not be able to drive anymore, but we can walk next door or pick up the phone and bless our neighbor. Even if I am all alone here, I can reach around the world with this computer, telephone, or the mail system. Greater, I can go into God's Presence and be right there where He needs me to be...praying for them!

For there are limitations
but unto most unknown;
ones that are calculated and
determined from the throne;
certainly beyond the
arbitrations of mere man;
there are limitations--those
according to His plan.

But of "man's" limitations,
the same be mere 'excuse."
Heeding to the same makes us
of very little use.
But God reminds us always
"You are blessed, you are not cursed!"
He always sees the best we are,
where man may see the worst.
He looks at us through eyes of truth
and sees so much, much more.
Look back at Him through eyes of faith,
what living to restore!
Then look around with vision only
God alone can give--
for there lies that ability,
abundantly, to live!

Life beyond the limitations
each of us must face,
abounding with abilities
provided by His grace!
Life amidst that circumstance,
and yet above the same;
life abundant with thanksgiving
living for His Name!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you have been told, God still has a ministry for you! This world may call you 'disabled' or 'inadequate,' but God sees your abilities and wants to use them!
Won't you let Him?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Too Much Good?

It is very important.
The Lord, Himself, even took time OFF to pray? Scripture tells us very clearly that Jesus went up on a mountain to be apart from the crowds for awhile. On another occasion, they even found Him fast asleep inside the boat DURING a violent storm!
If even God the Son took time to rest, how much more important is it even for us?
There is a world of need out there. One cannot be of service to that world unless properly fitted…nourished…and RESTED.

Time apart from labor,
the body to renew.
A point must be when one declares
"I've done all I can do."
And when that time is settled,
faithful is the Lord
to meet you in that place and see
that you become restored.
He knows for certain everything
that you have got to do.
"You can't do the impossible..."
this is settled true;
We must know we are limited
while knowing He is not;
while knowing, such an advocate
so constantly we've got!

Time apart from labor,
and even that for good.
He knows the heart, and He sees all
you would do if you could.
But take His rest and He will honor
all you would have done
by seeing it unto fruition
through His perfect Son!


Monday, July 7, 2008


I received a prayer request the other day. I read the note that came with it, and included the following quote:

"He is Christian but needs the reassurance of Jesus to help him..."

As I read the letter, I realized that even I have problems with 'things' that attempt to ensnare me.

Please pray for my addiction....

"Once more, I don't understand.
I know the fullness of Your hand.
I know that You know all of me--
Why is the answer hard to see?
So many have a thing to say.
So many point me to "The Way."
But I am here upon the Narrow!
This wretched habit, oh, to harrow!!
"It's o.k., nobody knows..."
...and so the fabrication grows.
The counterfeit, this cursed facade!
But You know fully, o my God!

Once more, I do not understand.
But oh, so clear, His guiding hand!
I shall follow it alone
through the settled and unknown.
Forsaken, I know I won't be
far too much love You have for me
and Heaven, it shall be my gain,
no matter what becomes terrain!"


Lord, help us all with our addictions...whatever they might be.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Personal Testimonies

Never, NEVER take your personal testimony for granted!
I hear too many people say "Oh, I've never been through that. How can I be of any help in that situation?"
A personal testimony can be as dramatic as walking through your day with just a smile on your face!
I was working in a grocery store when I got saved. I remember about a week later, I was walking through the lobby of the market on the way to the drinking fountain. Just then, a lady walked into the store and fixed her eyes on me. As I got closer, she said "I see Jesus in your smile." You know how bad I am with words, my only response was "I sure hope so! He's the one that keeps it there!"
I remember the first Sunday School teacher I ever had. She and her husband were teaching the "young adults" class I was in. On one particular Sunday, we were going around the class sharing what God had delivered us from to make us His. When her turn came around, it was almost with shame and much hesitance that she said
"Well, I remember learning about Jesus when I was four and I have never backslidden or gotten into any major trouble, so I guess my testimony is not as exciting as most."
WHAT?! What greater testimony could be! Praise God! Yes, I have learned quite a bit from the crimes I have done, oh, but if I could go back and skip such 'experience' and be able to claim such a testimony as hers, I surely would!
Often since, I have watched students and adults alike listen in awe as criminals describe their conversion. Some almost have the "Wow! I bet that was fun!" demeanor. I assure you, it was not fun! God, in His infinite mercy, not only forgives me for the crimes of my past, He also helps me heal from them.
"Don't dwell on the past. There's no future in it!"
If you are that one that has lived your whole life as best you can for Him, GOD BLESS YOU! Celebrate it! Don't gloat about it, glory in it! You are fortunate! It means that you might have more experience or more years in service to Him, and can help someone like me that needs all the help I can get to be all that HE has purposed for me to be!

In HIS Service,

Deepest Love!

I don’t know about you, but often I get caught up in ‘assuming’ God’s next move. I remind Him how pressing a certain need is in my life or in the life of someone else. He settles me often by merely reminding me that He is already there at that need tomorrow…next week…next month…
I have to stable myself, get a grip and confess

I do not understand, oh God…
But You are all that counts!
Situations seem to trod,
Trials seem to pounce!
I am secure in You, however,
In Your truth, I stand!
I know that I am in Your will,
Secure inside Your hand!
The storm ahead arises, for
The same, I give You praise!
The magnitude and beauty of it,
Father God, amaze!
I know the blessings that await
Beyond the heave and blast,
I know that with You in my heart,
I will, for certain, last!

I do not understand, oh God,
And I may not ever.
Nonetheless, our love affair,
It is not to sever!
You are God, You love me,
These truths shall never change,
You have made me your Betrothed,
Not ever to estrange!

One of the hardest things for some to accept is that we may never understand or ‘figure it out.’

Can you live with that?