Saturday, June 14, 2008

Subtle Boldness

In the earliest, as I look out the window from my keyboard, God interrupts.
Is He allowed to do so in your schedule?

In the boldness of the dawn
that has not been before,
Your breathing plays the aged pines,
and I am blessed once more.
The chimes that are suspended catch
the rhythm of Your sigh,
and day is fabricated
right before my very eye!
The list of my petitions
momentarily aside
as I behold the proof that,
all about me, You reside;
even my desires, for the
moment are unclear,
as I realize that I
have everything right here!

In the boldness of the dawn,
You are and You create,
reminding me that, for my needs,
You are so very great!
O the grand assurance for me,
always to exist
in a time so bold with, oh,
the subtlest of mist!

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