Friday, June 20, 2008

So loved!

I am so loved!
By a beautiful wife, I am loved…
By a sincere son, I am loved…
By virtuous daughters, I am loved…
By wonderful parents, I am loved…
By countless others, I am loved…
However, I am loved the most by the very Creator of everything—
My Father God!
In His love, I am cared for and watched after with arms of love and
An awareness that is omniscient!

The answer to my prayer
You come to me and share—
I am so blessed!
What I need, You bring;
You cause my heart to sing!
You know what’s best!
What I do not know of,
You yet provide in love
And I’m prepared.
You touch all of my life,
The pleasure and the strife,
And I’m repaired.

I am sure that you are blessed, as well. However, I have found that the more of my life I give to God, the more life I receive in return, and of greater quality!
Can you trust Him that much?


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